Monday, September 28, 2009

Website of opportunities

Right now we all know that the economy has gone down the ... well, you know what. We could all use a little help right now with a grant/residency/etc. to give us a boost in the studio. I came across this website - - that is a pretty good survey of all sorts of listings for us artsy folk. You can also receive a newsletter with updates of new opportunities or approaching deadlines...

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Torpedo Factory

If you live in or near Washington, D.C. (or even if you're planning a trip), the Torpedo Factory in old town Alexandria, Virginia is definitely worth a visit. Formerly an actual factory that produced torpedoes, the Torpedo Factory Art Center is home to 82 artist studios, 6 galleries, 2 workshops, and a museum that you can visit. Also, the center offers art classes through The Art League School.

Often it can seem difficult to find a good art scene in the U.S. if you're outside of New York, Chicago, or L.A., but that simply isn't true. You just have to look a little bit to find resources that can help you. While the gallery scene in D.C. isn't as amazing as other cities, there are incredible museums (hello Smithsonian!) that you can take advantage of. Part of being an artist is utilizing your local resources for what you need.