Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Marie Walsh Sharpe Art Foundation

I’ve listed a few residency programs on this blog because I truly believe that residency programs are very rewarding for artists. They give artists the time and space to create new work and sometimes with funding, the costs are near to nothing. And, the other artists and visitors provide a built in interested audience.

The Marie Walsh Sharpe Art Foundation is another example of an excellent resource and residency program. Established in 1984, The Marie Walsh Sharpe Art Foundation provides high quality studio space and related resources for visual artists. The Space Program provides non-living studio spaces in Brooklyn, New York, where artists may concentrate and create new work.

Marie Walsh Sharpe, a Colorado Springs, CO philanthropist, created the Foundation before her death in 1985 to benefit visual artists. The Foundation’s Artists Advisory Committee: Cynthia Carlson, Chuck Close - emeritus, Janet Fish, Philip Pearlstein, Irving Sandler, Harriet Shorr, and Robert Storr initiated and developed The Space Program in 1991 as a service to artists. In 2006 Phong Bui, Matthew Deleget and Tara Donovan were added to the Artists Advisory Committee.

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