Monday, March 30, 2009

Artist's Residency Program At The 18th Street Arts Center

Lita Albuquerque

The 18th Street Arts Center has great exhibitions and programs that provoke public dialogue through contemporary art making.

Their residency program provides a great opportunity for artists in the Los Angeles area or foreign artists from Australia, Eastern Europe, Taiwan and Southeast Asia. Eligibility for the International Visiting Artist Program is based on applications through cooperative programs with outside government agencies and private foundations.

18th Street Art Center's is similar to an arts incubator, in that they provide subsidized live and work space for artists. The services to their residents include free administrative and fundraising consultation services; an office equipment co-op and community resources exchange in which residents contribute a service or resource; volunteers; and meeting facilities. In addition, 18th Street's works to bring residents greater public recognition and paid presenting opportunities through programs and events. The combined benefits of the Residency Program helps residents put more of their financial resources and time towards their art practice while working in a stimulating and supportive environment. Since opening in 1988, the program has provided a home to 20 arts organizations and 43 individual artists.

Download the residency program application here.

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