Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Local galleries

Today while perusing one of my favorite indulgences, ApartmentTherapy, I was reminded of a simple artist resource you can take advantage of, even if you're not living in a big city like New York or L.A. - the local gallery. Most small cities or towns throughout our great country have at least one cultural center or art gallery set up to serve local artists. We often get swept away by larger-than-life ideas of what we want out art to be (in museums, Chelsea galleries, etc.), but sometimes showing our work at the local level is more rewarding, in terms of feedback (not to mention sales).

ApartmentTherapy profiled Austin Art Garage in Texas, which shows the work of emerging artists on a monthly basis. I encourage everyone to look into their neighborhood or local art organizations, galleries, or support programs to find a similar space near you. Not only could you possibly get a chance to exhibit your work close to home, but you may very well find other artists for studio visits, critics or art historians for engaging conversation, and a really great opportunity to see art, in person, on a regular basis.

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  1. Like this post! An I agree. Makes each place unique and each trip or neighborhood.