Monday, March 15, 2010

Art Consultants in NYC

The MFI Art Company, Inc., located in New York City, is an art consulting firm whose clients range from small businesses to major multinational corporations. Since its founding in California in 1977, MFI has provided artwork and services to over 2,200 clients (which include artists, galleries, publishers, and private art dealers).

Art consultants work in various ways and often offer a variety of art-related services. MFI's services include an initial assessment of space and evaluation of the client's needs, expert research in locating artwork, inventory and appraisal, commissions, framing and placement and installation.

For artists, working with art consultants could be an excellent way to sell work and gain exposure. Like most consulting firms, MFI is always looking for new artists to consider for future projects - and also works with art dealers, galleries, print publishers and artist representatives in obtaining new works.

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