Thursday, May 20, 2010

United Arts Council of Collier County: A Resource for SW Floridians

The United Arts Council is designated by the State of Florida as the official local arts agency for Collier County. The council provides arts education to at-risk students and outreach services to those who might now otherwise have access to the arts.

In connecting arts organizations, artists, galleries and arts educators with one another and local audiences and tourism-related businesses, the UAC is able to propel the arts community, provide valuable resources and spread art throughout the county.

The organization advocates for more arts education in schools, more funding for the arts, and more art in public places, providing assistance to arts organizations, galleries and artists.

In addition to state funding, the UAC relies on membership fees to function. Single memberships for "friends" and "artists" begin at $65 (while family, gallery, arts and cultural group, business or corporate partner memberships are higher). Click here to become a member and see how you can help the UAC succeed.

The UAC's "What's Happening" section of their website lists an extensive calendar of local events - ranging from activities at the Naples Botanical Garden to Performance Pieces at the Naples Ballet. Each week, there is also an up-to-date "Best Bets for the Weekend" listing.

Check out the site to see their various resources for artists, entertainers and teachers - including listings of auditions, jobs, volunteer positions and more.


  1. I was pleased to read your blog. The poorer inner city children of America need art every bit as much as those from the suburbs and privilege. It’s a good thing that outreach can touch these children. When art and culture is introduced at a young age these kids have a better perspective on life. That’s because art and creativity offer life beyond the gang culture. Florida and Collier county has wonderful things for both young and older student to marvel at art wise . The businesses of the region are actually helping themselves with an eye to the future when they donate cash and resources to the better education of local students. It has been proven that the inclusion of music and art classes helps the student mind to grow and to be productive. You could say that the arts give hope where hope is needed the most. Exclusion of the arts makes Johnny a dull boy. In the age of game boys, computers and little exercise, this is exciting for students of any age.

  2. Hi,

    Would you please pass along this information to whomever you think it would be relevant?

    I am setting events in the NYC area for artists and musicians looking to share practice/work/studio space.

    These events are also to find other artists and musicians to collaborate with.

    If you have any suggestions about how to tailor the event send em along. It's just a self-organizing mixer right now. No rules. Free.

    Any suggestions about what the appropriate places to put up ads would also be much appreciated.