Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Widely considered to be the Bible of the art world, the publication ArtForum covers the international art scene on a monthly basis. Founded in 1962 in San Francisco, the office is now located in New York.

ArtForum employs some of the world's best art writers, who cover and review exhibitions and other art events. There are features including "top ten lists", Scene & Heard, and 500 Words.

Over the years, ArtForum has become thicker and thicker (a constant topic of discussion), with much of the magazine consisting of advertisem
ents. The ads, however, are typically for current and upcoming exhibitions, so they end up being really interesting and informational.

If you are anyone who is interested in contemporary art, you surely have heard of ArtForum, and may very well be an avid reader. While it may be impossible to read every current issue due to the volume of material, and there are certainly other excellent new and smaller publications, ArtForum remains the best source.

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