Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Now that we all seem to live in the digital world, so many of the great art resources out there exist solely in cyberspace. I previously raved about NYFA and ubuweb, but there are many more great sites out there.

The New York Times Art & Design section is often my go-to for reviews and interesting articles. They have the best critics and are in the vicinity of the best museums and galleries, although they tend to group all of the "arts" together.

As the Bible of the art world, ArtForum has long been a top-notch publication. As time has gone on, the magazine has gotten fatter and thicker, and is now full of many ads (although the ads are almost always for exhibitions, so they are usually beautiful and informative). Artforum's website offers a good selection of articles from the magazine, videos, a great search feature - plus the Diary/Scene and Herd section gives us snapshots from all of the fabulous art parties.

There are several websites that compile information about artists, museums, galleries, and articles, but my choice tends to be They let you add "preferences" to your profile, and make recommendations in a little gray box based on that - so you don't have to filter through all kinds of things you aren't that interested in. Also, their new advanced search option lets you narrow down specifically what kind of event you are looking for - like, for example - art fairs in Basel, Switzerland during the second two weeks of June.

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